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We are members of the
United Church of Christ

“No matter who you are 
or where you are 
on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”


God is still speaking at the 
First Congregational Church of Kent.
Won't you come listen?

Since January of 1741, this United Church of Christ congregation
has continued to grow and serve the local 
and global community.  



We, the First Congregational Church of Kent, having joined together in church state and recognizing the abundant mutual benefit of communal worship, proclaim the following:
   With humility and joy, we choose to revere and submit to God our Creator, knowing ourselves to be part of his divine creation.
   Urged by the Holy Spirit, we choose to turn our paths from prideful selfishness and independent will, opening our hearts and abandoning our stubbornness to model a Christian life.
   With steadfast perseverance, we choose to follow the example of Jesus, striving to become compassionate servants of one another, our neighbors and all humankind.
   Relying on Divine understanding, we choose to explore the mystery of God's word as written in the Bible, and pledge to share its meaning with others.
   Recognizing our varied talents and gifts, we choose to uphold one another before God, cherishing our differences as well as our similarities.
   With creative determination, we pledge to protect and preserve the glorious gift of our planet which God has entrusted to our care.
   We, believing that the kingdom of God is truly at hand and knowing that we are divinely loved, pledge to dedicate our lives to reflecting that abundant love throughout our communities and the world, until good conquers all and God's will be done.

(Written by Alicia Winter and approved by the congregation)

Please join us for fellowship and worship.
Sunday Service and Church School begins at 10am


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97 North Main Street
PO Box 306
Kent, Connecticut  06757
860- 927-3335

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